How to Order

copywriting services – how to order

I work fast. I price competitively. I can invoice by the day, or by the project. If you’d like me to quote for a project, just call or email. I’ll provide you with a written estimate. I don’t charge for re-writes and revisions (provided the original brief hasn’t changed). So you’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay, with no cunning add-ons. I don’t charge for initial briefings.


How does it work? Typically, we’ll have an initial chat over the phone to discuss the scope of the project. I’ll then email you a detailed briefing document. Once you’ve had an opportunity to consider my questions, we’ll have a further discussion to fine tune the brief, prior to commencement.


I work with clients throughout the UK (and also based as far away as the USA, Finland, France, Holland and Russia).

In most cases it is unnecessary for us to meet in person, as everything can be dealt with by phone, conference call and email. This saves time and accelerates the creative process. And by reducing my time spent out of the office it also enables me to keep my fees competitive!

However, if you feel that the scope of your project is such that it necessitates a face-to-face briefing, I’ll be happy to meet up.


Ideally I like to have two weeks or longer to complete your copy. This gives me time to fine-tune and edit until I’m satisified with every word. But if you have a rush project, just let me know the date by which you need your copy. Even if the deadline is tight, if I agree to do the job, you can be confident that the copy I deliver will be right and that it will ready by the agreed date.


I require a 50% confirmation deposit prior to commencing a project, with the balance due on completion.

My guarantee

Most clients are delighted with my copy when they receive it. But if you are not 100% satisfied, I will revise the copy according to your specific guidelines – and at my expense.

If you’re looking for a professional freelance copywriter, contact Kent Austin today:

Call: +44 (0)7496 304460