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When you’ve just seconds to differentiate your product in a crowded marketplace, you aren’t about to take chances with the impact of your copy.

Attention spans are getting shorter. Information is becoming more complex. Buying decisions happen in the blink of an eye. The importance of powerful, clear and concise copywriting has never been more critical.

Ultimately, it’s the copywriting that sells the product; it’s the engine that drives the vehicle. Outstanding design alone will not sell products. If you’re relying on weak or amateurish copywriting for your website, brochure, press ads and other marketing materials, then your business is losing potential customers and missing out on opportunities – guaranteed.

Copywriting is a science first and an art second. It’s about understanding the psychology of the buying process. It’s about having the ability to write in a style and ‘voice’ that is appropriate to a specific industry. It’s about perfecting what works and then applying it intelligently to compel people to take action. It’s about getting results.

The tone of your copy speaks volumes about your business. How do you want your message to come across? Hard-hitting and provocative? Wry, witty and informal? (not unlike a certain famous fruit smoothie!) Concise, factual and businesslike? Warm, friendly and intimate?

My aim is to get beneath the skin of your business to present your brand professionally and with maximum impact, to deliver impeccable service and outstanding value for money.

When you hire me for your copywriting project you can depend on my personal attention at all times. Unlike many copywriters, I never subcontract work to copy-cubs or less experienced writers. (It would be a luxury, but I’ve yet to find one who’s good enough.) When you pay me to write your copy, that’s exactly what you get. You’ll also be tapping into my 20 years’ front-line experience as a copywriter, journalist and editor.

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