How To Write Copy That Sells

A comprehensive personal copywriting coaching programme

Learn to write professional-standard copy from one of the UK’s most experienced freelance copywriters.

Includes tutor-assessed copywriting assignments, one-to-one telephone coaching and unlimited email support.

The How To Write Copy That Sells coaching programme is the product of my many years’ front-line experience as one of the UK’s leading freelance copywriters, distilled into a tried and tested blueprint for copywriting success. It covers all the fundamentals including how to write profit-generating sales letters, websites, emails, brochures, press releases, advertisements and blogs. When we’ve finished working together, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll ever need to become an effective copywriter.

How To Write Copy That Sells is designed for anyone who wants to write better copy including:

Aspiring freelance copywriters

People considering making a career change to copywriting

Writers and journalists who are looking for a way of earning more money from their craft

Sales and marketing professionals

Business owners and entrepreneurs

Internet and information marketers

Website owners

Business start-ups


Anyone who needs effective copy for their business, but does not yet have the resources to invest in a professional copywriter

What you get:

2 x 60 minute one-to-one coaching calls

This is a highly personalised coaching programme. As well as helping you prepare for the course ahead, our first coaching call will enable me to understand where you are now, and exactly what you hope to gain from the programme. I answer any questions you may have, and between us we establish the direction your coaching will take. Our second coaching call happens at the end of the programme and consolidates what you’ve learned. We’ll cover a great deal of ground during our two one-hour calls, and you’ll be able to pick my brains on any aspect of the profession – from copywriting technique through to marketing your skills as a professional copywriter (if that is your aim). My time and experience are yours. Our calls will include guidance on a wide range of topics including:

  • How to begin from scratch and quickly build a portfolio
  • How to create copy samples (vital for any copywriter) – even if you don’t yet have any clients
  • How and where to find top-paying clients (as well as the ones to avoid)
  • How best to market your business
  • How to uncover niche markets
  • How to create an impressive professional website – quickly and inexpensively
  • How much to charge for your services

This marketing element alone is worth many times the cost of the entire programme. Vitally, it enables you to bypass the steep learning curve experienced by copywriters when they set out, avoid the common mistakes and fast track your career by learning from a seasoned pro.  You’ll be tapping into my 20-plus years’ front-line experience.

How To Write Copy That Sells – my comprehensive 116-page training manual

Written in clear, jargon-free language and presented in four easily assimilated sections, How To Write Copy That Sells contains all the information you’ll ever need to be able to write world-class copy, including a wealth of real-life copy examples. Entirely original, How To Write Copy That Sells is a complete stand-alone learning resource designed to support you at every level of your coaching programme.

Tutor-assessed copywriting assignments (including ongoing project support)

Your coaching is divided into four interconnected and interdependent sections, each dealing with a distinct area of the copywriter’s art and concluding with a detailed assessed assignment. Learning is flexible and you can work at your own pace. There are no deadlines for assignments, although for purposes of continuity it is recommended that you complete your assignments over a period of six months. In addition to your four tutor-assessed assignments, during the course of the programme, once a month I invite you to send me a sample of any ongoing project you are working on for my constructive appraisal.  The course concludes when you have received my feedback on your fourth assessed assignment and we have completed your final coaching call.

Unlimited email support

As well as providing detailed feedback on your assessed copywriting assignments, I’m contactable by email to answer your questions throughout the course of the coaching programme. I’m here to help you at every step, so you’ll never feel that you’re working alone and unsupported.


The total cost of my personal copywriting coaching programme is £1,200 – payable as an initial deposit of £300 followed by six monthly payments of £150.* There are no hidden extras. I accept payment by BACs or PayPal.

Special corporate rates are available for groups of three or more students.

*My guarantee

I’m confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of my one-to-one coaching programme.  But if for any reason it does not meet your expectations, you may cancel at any time and no further payments will be due.

For details of my coaching availability, send me an email today.

Coaching FAQ

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